Artist Statement:

It is the thought of loss that keeps me cataloging, tracing and re-tracing my steps. I catch myself staring at the freckles on a man’s eyelids or the matted texture of a worn carpet, remembering. It is the eventual loss of these moments that I dread. I am searching for a meaningful and profound connection to my past. Through the use of the photograph I hope to comprehend my fixation with failed relationships, childhood dwellings and the death of my paternal Grandmother: all themes that perpetually bind me to the past. This work is about self-exposure, misunderstanding and failures.

I’m interested in taking the traditional interpretations of the photograph, a source or index for memory, and re-analyzing its role. What happens when the photograph becomes a simulation of a real event, one that was never photographed or written down and is remembered through the severed connections of time? How do I reconcile my presence in a place of absence?

It is also my desire to understand landscape, not as an anonymous pictorial setting, but rather as a specific location of a memory. The places that I photograph are marked by a patina of use and are seemingly ambiguous to the viewer and yet, for me, they trigger a sense of longing for an explicit moment in my life. When I begin each project, I set about testing my memory, making lists of all the things that I can recall in specific rooms in three locations: my parents’ first house and both my grandparents’ houses. I give myself guidelines and rules. I follow the pathways that I took to their houses, retracing my childhood steps. I think about the spaces that I daydream.

I have realized that the objects I most remember are the objects that I hated as a child. I remember my carpet, which unlike the soft shag in my best friend’s house, was short and coarse with channels running through it. I spent hours on that carpet, running my fingers through the channels to get from one side of the room to the other. I remember the stains on the ceiling of my grandmother’s bathroom and its pink decoration. I find that as an adult these are the objects and spaces that I seek out/ long for to somehow suspend myself between my past and certain future.



Jodi Lynn Boatman



M.F.A 2000 Photography The Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI.

B.F.A 1998 Media Studies The Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, OH.


Professional Experience:

2013 Owner/ Lead retoucher Brilliant Pixel Imaging LLC, Columbus, OH.

2009-2012 Lecturer, Photography, The Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, OH.

2003 June 2008 Assistant Professor of Art, Ohio University, Athens, OH.

2002-2003 Lecturer, Photography, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, Edwardsville, IL.

2002-2003 Lecturer, Photography. Webster University, St. Louis, MO.

2001-2002 Lecturer, Photography, Washington University, St. Louis, MO.

2002 Lecturer, Art History, St. Charles Community College, St. Charles, MO



2007 Creative Activity Support, OU, College of Fine Arts, Support for exhibition This will be a Long Lonely Year.

2007 Creative Research Award, OU, College of Fine Arts, Support for exhibition This will be a Long Lonely Year.

2005 Living Arts Tulsa, Myers Gallery, Funding made possible from the Andy Warhol Foundation Grant (awarded to Living Arts- Spring 2004, see:

2005 Aesthetic Technology Lab, OU, Support for Development of Website,

2005 Creative Activity Support, OU, College of Fine Arts, Support for exhibition I Noticed Your Limp as You Got Up to Leave the Kitchen.

2004 Creative Activity Support, OU, College of Fine Arts, Support for exhibition at Links for the International Promotion of the Arts.




2011 Even On A Clear Day, I Still Cannot Find You, Artcite Gallery, Windsor, ON. Canada.

2006 Still Very Small and Dirty, Living Arts of Tulsa- Myers Gallery, Tulsa, OK.

Two Person:

2008 This Will be a Long Lonely Year, Newspace Center for Photography, Portland, OR.

2008 Even On A Clear Day, I Still Cannot Find You, Roy G Biv Gallery, Columbus, OH.

2005 I Noticed Your Limp as You Got Up to Leave the Kitchen, Newspace Center of Photography, Portland, OR.


2011 The Fluid Terrain : Perception and the Photographic Image, Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, Cleveland, OH. Curator: Margo Ann Crunchfield, Senior Curator MOCA.

2010 Deep Space: Ohio Photographers, The Riffe Gallery, Columbus, OH. Curator: Marcella Hackbardt.

2008 ImageOhio 8, The Shot Tower Gallery, Columbus, OH. Curator: Lori Nix.

2006 Inside the Artist Studio, Mahan Gallery, Columbus, OH.

2005 Snap to Grid, Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, Los Angeles, CA.

2005 VOXENNIAL, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. Jurors: Elyse Gonzales, Assistant Curator Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania and Virgil Marti, Artist, represented by Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York.

2004 Annual Fall Juried Exhibition: Part One, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH. Juror: Elizabeth Thomas, A ssistant Curator, Carnegie Museum of Art.

2004 Summer Summit #8, Links for International Promotion of the Arts, Chicago, IL.

2003 Exposure 5: Trans/locations, North Gallery, St. Louis, Mo. Curators: Roseanne Weiss educational director of the Contemporary Museum of St. Louis and Terry Suhre director of 210 gallery in St. Louis.

2002 Embracing The Elusive, Art Coop, St. Louis, MO.

2002 305.21 Miles: The Distance Between Us, Dupreau Gallery, Chicago, IL. Curators: Donald Schmaltz director of Dupreau Gallery and Michael Piazza.

2002 Critical Mass, Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts, St. Louis, MO. Curators: Jennifer Strayer of St. Louis Arts in Transit, and Shannon Fitzgerald of Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis.

2001 The Mighty Midwest Biennial 2001, New Visions Gallery, WI. Curator: Michele Rowe-Shields, Visual Arts Director, Montalvo.

2000 Shutter: 2000, No Name Exhibitions @ The Soap Factory, MN.

1999 Artseen, Artsite, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

1999 The Clarity of Seduction, Network Gallery, Pontiac, MI.

1999 Post-Serial, Form Gallery, Bloomfield Hills, MI.



Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Amherst, VA. November 27th – December 19th, 2006.

Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Amherst, VA. November 14th – December 8th, 2005.



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Visiting Artist Lectures:

2010 Kenyon College

2006 Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville, Edwardsville, IL. University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK. Living Arts Tulsa


Works in the collection of:

Laura and Fred Bidwell, Bidwell Projects, Cleveland, OH.

Katherine Milton, Director of Learning and Innovation. Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, MN.

Strategic Mortgage Co., Columbus, OH.

Bandar AL-Saud, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Sarah Fix, Editor, Corbis, Los Angeles, CA.